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These tiles can be downloaded by local governments to share news about our program with their businesses and community. We have tiles suitable for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Some suggested copy is below. We thank you for helping to spread the word and encouraging your community to join us!

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Suggested copy

From this year, the WA State Government is banning single-use plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery, plates, bowls (unlidded), takeaway food containers (unlidded), expanded polystyrene (foam) takeaway food containers, cups for cold beverages/ food, thick plastic bags, with further items in 2023.  


Thanks to funding from the WA State Government, [insert Council name or Authority] is joining forces with @WAPlasticFree (FB & Instagram) to provide free assistance to food retailers as they make the transition away from single-use plastics. 


The program is open to all food retailers in the [insert Council name or Authority] – they’ll receive free tailored advice on how to comply with the plastics ban, tips on how to reduce single-use packaging costs and waste, and free promotion. 


As part of our community, you can also get involved by supporting local businesses who participate in the program, remembering to BYO cups for takeaway drinks and by refusing unnecessary single-use items.   


Let’s keep our community plastic free! To join, please head to


Tag a local business who might like to join!

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