We've teamed up with Perth watercolour artist Claire Tincey to create these unique signs to display your plastic-free message. They are A4 sized, designed to be printed at home. To download, right click > download linked file. 

Dine in WA.jpg
Coffee Cup WA.jpg
Straws WA.jpg
Lid WA.jpg
Bag WA.jpg

back-of-house soft plastic recycling

Looking for a back of house solution to soft-plastics? Instead of sending it to landfill, have it recycled through the Redcycle program. The plastics collected are processed right here in Australia by Replas and turned into long-lasting, sustainable products.  You can participate by collecting your soft plastics and dropping them off at a participating Coles or Woolworths. It's easy to do!

1. Find your nearest drop off point at

2. Put aside a bin back-of-house to collect your soft plastic.

3. Print signage below (right click > download linked file) and affix to your bin.  Let your staff know and educate them on what can be Redcycled. 

4. Bag up your soft plastics and take them to the drop off point.

Redcycle factsheet.jpg