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Social Manna go 100% reusable for the day

On Friday 3rd of June Social Manna ditched single-use coffee cups and went 100% reusable for the day!

Already a Plastic Free Champion the team at Social Manna want to continue to level up their sustainability credentials so jumped at the opportunity to participate in our new Reusable Champions program.

The Reusable Champion program is a 4-week behaviour change program for cafés & their communities to increase the percentage of reusables used daily, long-term. Members of our regular plastic free program who have reached, or are close to reaching, Plastic Free Champion status are invited to ‘level up’ their sustainability credentials, by becoming a Reusable Champion.

*Initially, the Reusable Champion program is focusing on single use takeaway coffee cups, however we’ll be expanding it to include other items in the near future.

Social Manna really hit their stride on the final day of the 4 weeks by going 100% reusable for the day, with their community getting behind the effort. Whether it was dining in to be a part of the atmosphere, borrowing a cup from the mug library, renting a Renome cup or buying one of the gorgeous reusable cups and tumblers from Urban Revolution's pop-up stall, everyone got involved in reuse in some way.

A big thanks goes to the team at Social Manna especially Sandro & Beth for driving it as well as their wonderful staff. Also thanks to Jo, Bec and Kate from Urban Revolution who helped make it a truely Vic Park event. And, of course, this would not be possible without a supporting community that wants to do the right thing and reduce the amount of unnecessary waste created.

If you would like to participate in our Reusables Champion behaviour change program – contact us and we will help you on your journey away from single-use!

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