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Member Spotlight - The 5 Four Store

This comfortable cafe and retail store in the heart of Bassendean is dedicated to reducing single-use waste within their business and their community. We stopped by to chat to Deb & Michelle, the dynamic duo behind this local favourite.

When did you first learn about the damage plastics do to our environment?

Forever. We have always known. I can’t remember a time when we weren’t aware of the problem.

What prompted you to become a WA Plastic Free member?

One of our customers, Bree, works for WA Plastic Free and as soon as she mentioned the program we jumped on board! It’s a great initiative.

What has been the easiest change for you to make?

Switching to compostables has been super easy. 

What has been the most challenging change to make?

Dealing with suppliers who are not knowledgeable in this space!

Where do you see the industry headed when it comes to plastics & single-use waste?


We see plastic being completely eliminated through the bans and we are here for it! As it gets phased out of supply, it will no longer be something we see anymore. We would love to be completely single-use free and we are hopeful this will happen. Look at what happened with plastic bags! People remember their bags now. You use your bag, then put it back at the front door or in your car. That is possible with the coffee cup too!

Do you have any comments or tips to encourage other businesses owners along the waste reduction journey?

Our advice is to get help. Become a member with WA Plastic Free, speak to your local council about organic waste. Reach out and get help because there is help out there and it makes the journey so much easier!

The 5 Four Store utilises two reusable cup networks (Renome [left] & Our Kinds [right]) plus they have a free mug library available. Having multiple options on display gives customers choice and actively encourages their community to stop using single-use cups.

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