Bringing back reusables in 2021

Single-use is so 2020!

It takes 21 days to form a new habit. Not long hey? Which is why we’re worked with Sonder Coffee @sondercoffeeperth in Vic Park from the 8 - 29 January (that’s 21 days in case you’re wondering) to supercharge the number of customers using reusables, culminating in #Useyourowncupday on the 29th January! 🙌

Each week, Sonder tallied up how many of their customers used reusable cups. The goal was to see the percentage of reusables increase over the weeks as their awesome customers start to form the new habit of reuse.

So how did the numbers stack up for Sonder? In week 1, 17.5% of customers used a reusable takeaway cup, with the other 82.5% electing to dine-in or use a single-use cup. In week 2, the figure increased slightly to 20.3%, and to 21.2% in week 3. On #UseYourOwnCupDay, there were no single-use-use cups. Yes you read correctly! If customers forgot their cup they needed to dine-in or borrow or buy a reusable one.

Cup Library at Sonder

Reusable options included BYO, borrowing a cup from their cup library, or utilising the reusable cup network Renome (Find out more on our blog on Reusable Networks).⠀

Why are we doing this?

Well, our throwaway culture devalues all of us... everything and everyone 😢. We want to build a reuse culture and show that reuse is possible and more beneficial than single-use to businesses and our communities.

As a way of getting things started, in each of our Plastic Free Places communities (Adelaide, Perth, Cairns, Townsville and Byron Bay) chose at least one cafe to run a pilot reusables campaign with over the month of January.

The cafes built up to ‘Use Your Own Cup Day’. This started in New Zealand in 2018 by UYO.NZ and we’re excited to help bring it to Australia.

And while the pilot happened in January, we'll look to continue this with more cafes, and our hope is that it will expand beyond in the months & years to come.

We each have the opportunity to make some incredibly positive changes this year, we just have to make a start. ⁣We believe BYO reusables shouldn't just be one day of the year, it needs to be everyday.. we just need to create the habit!