Note: We are currently only accepting food retail members located in the Town of Bassendean and City of Bayswater, plus mobile vendors who service markets and events anywhere in Perth.  If you would like to register an expression of interest for when we expand, please click here. 


We know you want to ditch the plastic, your customers have been asking, and you've probably been thinking about it for a while. But you're busy, and the different packaging options are confusing - who has the time to figure that out?​ On top of this, you might be worried about costs, and whether the products will even suit your needs. 

We hear you! And we're here to help you find the right solutions as easily as possible. We know our stuff, we know the local distributors, and we know which products are good and which are greenwashing. With our help, you won't end up paying more for cleverly marketed plastic. Plus we can help you reduce costs and waste. 

BEST OF ALL, IT'S FREE!  OUR ONLY GOAL IS TO HELP YOU. We do not accept kickbacks from suppliers or product manufacturers.  


We also offer some great benefits, including promotional opportunities and free resources. 

And once you eliminate all your key plastic items, we'll certify you as a Plastic Free Champion, you'll receive our Champion sign and extra promo opportunities. 


And if you're already plastic free? We can certify you as a Champion right away, and maybe help find you some even better solutions. 


Ready to sign up? Great! We can't wait to work with you.



It was great to have the support of WA Plastic Free to help us move away from single-use plastics. We discovered them through Instagram where we noticed a lot of other businesses were earning their plastic-free status. We had already made some changes to our packaging and the official plastic-free status gave us the extra push we needed to finally get rid of our last single-use plastic products.  



What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Apart from the personalised advice and support discussed above, members who join and eliminate at least one of the target six items will receive:

  1. A listing in the 'Member Directory' on our website
  2. Signage that identifies you as a member
  3. Direct promotion on our social media pages
  4. Promotion of the campaign from our partners
Plastic Free Champions receive additional benefits (see the next question).

What are the benefits if I eliminate all my single-use plastic?

Members who eliminate all six of our target items will become a certified 'Plastic Free Champion' and receive the following additional benefits:

  1. A specially designed and printed 'Plastic Free Champion' sign/sticker
  2. A featured listing on the 'Plastic Free Champions' page on our website
  3. Promotion of your business through our media channels and partner networks

What plastic items will you help me eliminate?

Our program will help you eliminate six single-use plastic items; water bottles, coffee cups/ lids, straws, food ware (cutlery, cups, lids etc), takeaway containers and plastic bags. We chose these items specifically as they are commonly found in the litter and waste streams, and pose significant risks to wildlife. They also have readily available solutions. These items form the basis of our Plastic Free Champion system and give members specific targets to work towards. However, we can assist you with other plastics as well, just ask when we come to chat to you. We continue to work on back-of-house and composting solutions for our members as well.

How are you funded?

WA Plastic Free is a project managed by the Boomerang Alliance, under our Plastic Free Places Program. Our organisation is externally funded through private donors interested in seeing action to reduce plastic waste. WA Plastic Free itself was funded in 2019 under a grant arrangement by the WA Waste Authority. We are currently looking for more funding to continue in 2020.

What happens after I join?

Once you join, we'll make a time to come sit down with you, check out your current products, find alternatives and solutions that work for you, and identify where you can get them. In most cases, you'll be able to stick with your current distributor. We'll bring catalogues and samples so you can see and try out alternatives. We can help you with signage, staff training and give you easy solutions to reduce costs. And we're on hand to assist you through the entire process. ​

What businesses are able to join?

We accept a variety of food retailers such as cafes, restaurants, bars, bakeries, butchers, juice bars, mobile vendors etc. under the program. This is because we specialise in the following single-use plastic items - straws, water bottles, coffee cups & lids, takeaway containers, food ware (cutlery, cups, bowls etc.) and plastic bags. These items are problematic, often found in the litter stream, and have available alternatives to their use. We don't accept general retailers under the program.

Can I join if I am not in one of the identified areas?

You have to be in located in either Bassendean or Bayswater to join, or, if you're a mobile vendor, be able to service these areas. Our current funding only covers operations in those areas. If you'd like to submit an expression of interest in us comeing to your area, please do so at This wil help inform future choices and funding.

Am I required to commit to eliminating all my plastic?

You do not have to commit to eliminating all your plastic to become a member. How much and what you want to reduce or eliminate is totally up to you! Even if you just want some tips, we can help. We will never pressure you to do more, instead we will support you and celebrate what you have achieved along with you.

What if my business is already plastic free?

Great! We can certify you as a Champion right away. You'll get access to our discounts and promo benefits. We can also check your packaging for any hidden plastics (they are common and very sneaky) and we might also be able to help find you some even better solutions. You haev nothing to lose!