We're glad you asked! WA Plastic Free is a project run by The Boomerang Allianceand we've been doing this kind of work for a while now.

Boomerang Alliance is a national peak not-for-profit formed in 2003 with the aim of a zero waste society - to give local communities power in their struggle to stem the massive waste of discarded resources polluting our environment.


We have run successful campaigns around container deposit schemes, plastic bags, E-waste, toxic toxic tyre dumping, mircroplastics and microbeads. 


WA Plastic Free is the West Australian project of our Plastic Free Places Program. 


Our team works on the ground (and behind the scenes) to deliver to our members the best advice, information and products to help them switch away from single use plastic. This may sound simple, but in fact it takes a lot of work, knowledge, experience and passion to deliver this program! 


Meet the Boomerang Alliance staff that make up this awesome team:

Lisa Novoradovskaya - Project Coordinator


Lisa has been advocating for reducing single-use plastics and choosing reusables ever since she moved to Australia 5 years ago. Originally from Russia, Lisa has gotten her Master degree in psychology in Finland and Germany, and her PhD in environmental psychology in 2021 in Perth.


She has published a number of peer-reviewed scientific articles about what motivates people to choose reusable cups over single-use plastics as well as recycling plastic packaging, and how we can do those behaviours habitually, among others. Her primary interest lies in individual and community behaviour change and how to help people make more sustainable choices in everyday lives. 

Lisa is passionate about science communication and strives to provide evidence-based information about best sustainable solutions. 

Kellie Lindsay - Plastic Free Places Program Manager


Kellie oversees the management of the Plastic Free Places program (which WA Plastic Free falls under) and helps develop the systems and partnerships that drive it.


Kellie obtained business and science degrees before pursuing an environmental career, further obtaining a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management. She has managed the program since its inception in early 2017, and prior to this, helped to implement successful campaigns for a container refund scheme and plastic bag ban in Qld. 


‘The key to the success of this program has been direct engagement with our members and the behind the scenes work we do to make it easy for them to switch. We work to support them, to make it straight-forward, and deliver real solutions to these businesses'.

Toby Hutcheon - Campaigns Manager


Toby has worked on environmental issues for 30 years. He started at Greenpeace on the Nuclear Free Seas campaign, dividing his time between the office and the bows of nuclear warships. He was Greenpeace Australia’s first Action Coordinator, managed the Communications Division, and helped initiate the ‘green’ Sydney Olympics. Toby moved to Europe in 1996, working on the Chernobyl Campaign for Greenpeace International in Moscow. 


Since then, Toby has worked with the NSW Government on waste issues and ran a consultancy advising business, government and communities on zero waste initiatives. 


Toby was the Executive Director of the Queensland Conservation Council from 2004-2014. Toby has tertiary qualifications in Education, Marketing and Journalism. He believes that we can all make a difference.